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About PTN

Founded in 2005, Parent Teacher Network is a premier web development company focused on improving the unique organizational and collaborative needs of parent groups.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in web development, systems integration, software usability, accessibility, and other related fields. While we are highly skilled in development, we wanted to build our software from the perspective of the end users, parents and teachers. We strive to build personal relationships with the groups we work with to continually deliver a service that directly meets their needs.

Our Mission

We recognized a need for schools and parent groups alike to direct focus into parental involvement in innovative ways. The Internet affords groups and schools the ability to easily disseminate information, communicate and collaborate, and a low-resistance way to involve parents.

We have designed our system around the feedback and suggestions of parents and teachers; a system to meet and exceed their communication and organizational needs. We strive to build personal relationships with the parent groups we work with allowing us to continually deliver a service that directly parallels their needs. With educational standards in constant motion, we've designed our system to be highly adaptable and modular so we too can change with the times.

The Need

Research consistently shows that when parents are involved in their children's education, those children have better grades, test scores, long-term academic goals, attitudes, and behavior than those with uninvolved mothers and fathers. There is a very real need for innovative ways for parent groups to make an impact on education.

Our Vision

Our organization has a vision of establishing stronger and more effective school-bodies by fostering communication and collaboration through web-based communities. We want to have an impact on education by enabling groups to overcome known parental involvement barriers.